The Atlantis Dream Team was established to uplift the Atlantis community through creating sustainable jobs and provide services that address the economic and social needs of the community. One of the pressing social needs of Atlantis is the real need for decent nutrition. The Dream Team assist in this regard through a soup kitchen. The Dream Team is a registered NPO (NPO-023-085).

The project commenced in 2002, operating out of Maggies’s garage, when she started feeding 30 people, mostly children. Today she feeds 300 people, five times a week. For many this is their only meal of the day. While this sounds like a large number the reality is that she needs to turn many people away daily as the food runs out.

Their philosophy is as follows:

  • To acknowledge and respect the basic human rights of the people;
  • To maintain the integrity of the community;
  • To acknowledge and support reconstruction and development programmes; and
  • Empowerment of people.

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