At Qei Holdings, we have taken on an innovative long term approach towards our corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our initial focus is on economic development and training. We also have a focus on supporting the youth of Atlantis with bursary and study opportunities. All SMME’s in the holding company must have a CSR plan which will be implemented and tracked through the QEP.

Impact measurement will take place by monitoring all training & mentorship attendance. Follow up assessments will be conducted to assess how training is applied in the real business world. Job creation and down the line impact measurements will also be put into place through the QEP.

The Atlantis Dream Team is a registered non-profit organisation and will be our nominated CSR beneficiary. We are committed to assisting in raising funds for the NPO and providing non-monetary resources in order to drive economic development in Atlantis.

Qei Holdings will have in its fold, a range of commercial and industrial enterprises that will benefit the entrepreneurs and local economy of Atlantis.

The venture will operate on a hybrid business model. The Atlantis Dream Team, a registered NPO, will conduct the communities’ social and environmental agenda, under the leadership of Maggie Vaas, while the holding company, Qei Holdings, will be responsible for commercialising economic opportunities, on behalf of the people of Atlantis. These range from tourism to manufacturing

The Atlantis Dream Team and Caban Investments Ltd. 

Qei Holdings