Our business model is a hybrid model. But what does this mean? A hybrid business model allows for two legal forms in order to achieve a common goal.

1) A non-profit to focus on delivering its programme to the community and;

2) A for profit registered business, with very clear services or products to offer the market. One is a beneficiary and the other is a benefactor.

qei holdings dynamic element onlyIn our model, we have also taken components of local economic development into consideration and unlocked it within our business in order to:

  • Increase investment into the region.
  • Increase entrepreneurship activity and mentorship.
  • Enhance individual business support and sectoral initiatives.


Qei Holdings is the first community based company of its kind in Atlantis. Through Caban’s long standing relationship with the Atlantis Dream Team, the community of Atlantis are now gearing for exciting progress. For Qei Holdings, partnerships are based on more than mutual benefit, it is also based on mutual respect for each other and every person owning their role.

The Atlantis Dream Team and Caban Investments Ltd. 

Qei Holdings