Qei Holdings will offer the following range of start-up services to Qei Enterprises:

  • servicesOperating facilities
  • Admin services
  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Business development services/ product development
  • Business plans & proposals
  • Web design
  • Social media management
  • Event production
  • Recruitment


The Qei Entrepreneurship Programme (QEP) drives the training and mentorship objectives of our Local Economic Development model. The programme is based on the existing Caban Investments format, which encourages face to face mentorship and working through the weaker areas most needed by the entrepreneurs.

We are looking specifically at training the entrepreneurs on beneficiation as well as export & import training opportunities. Each enterprise will be assigned a mentor and quarterly key performance measurements will drive the growth objectives of individuals and their small businesses.

A key element of the programme is that each entrepreneur must come up with their own Corporate Social Responsibility plan determine how they intend to give back to the community. Our ethos is that one of life’s greatest joys is helping another human being succeed.

A monthly report will provide a snapshot of programme participants progress, but more so it will provide insight into any risks and areas that need to be addressed by the Qei Holdings Management team.

The Atlantis Dream Team and Caban Investments Ltd. 

Qei Holdings