Atlantis: Growing a Community (VIDEO)

In South Africa you often hear negative stories coming out of areas such as Atlantis. Gangsterism, drug abuse, unemployment and poverty seem to be the narrative of these communities. While we cannot deny that there are many negative matters to report on, we believe that more must be done to highlight the positive.

Established in 1970 by the South Africa Apartheid Government, Atlantis has been riddled with disappointment due to the withdrawal of subsidies to businesses in the area. In addition to this, unemployment, lack of housing and crime along with other major development challenges all paint a gloomy picture for what was once an established industrial town.

Yet within the community of Atlantis is a couple who made the decision to clean up the area where they live. Mr and Mrs Kepie started with the planting of one tree and through focus and diligence it expanded into a wonderful garden that the entire community enjoys.

Watch the video here:

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