QEI Holdings Consists of the Following Three Investments

  • 10% Caban Investments Limited;
  • 5% Khaka Khanya Atlantis;
  • 100% Qei Enterprises (Pty) Ltd.

QEI enterprises to cosist, in the future the following



The wholesalers will provide merchandise to retailers, wholesalers and merchants, or to industrial, commercial and institutional users in the greater Atlantis area. The wholesaling business will also distribute items manufactured by other Qei Enterprises companies.A key differentiator of this wholesaler is that they will provide support to the independent retailers who purchase goods from them. This will range from financing options through to access to competent book keepers and advice on how to manage a sustainable micro enterprise.

Shoe Manufacturers
The team behind the shoe manufacturing company have many years’ experience in the industry. Their product range will include a mix of casual and formal shoes as well as a range of safety shoes for the local factories.

Toilet Paper Manufacturers
After conducting research in the local community, the founders of this company chose to go the route of toilet paper manufacturing. In South Africa, it is figured that a family of four will use 1.5 rolls of toilet paper a day. They have also engaged with local factories and Government agencies to secure supply contracts and have received positive replies.They will initially service the local community with a view to increase capacity as further business opportunities become available.

Margaret Pienaar, Tracy’s Clothing (CMT)

Margaret has 30 years experience in the clothing industry. Her company, Tracy’s Clothing, currently employs 4 local women and has been running sustainably.By joining Qei Enterprises, Tracy’s Clothing will be able to ramp up production and employ more people.

The Atlantis Dream Team and Caban Investments Ltd. 

Qei Holdings